MGS Casting titanium carbide (TiC) jaw crusher wear parts are designed to increase the wear life of wear parts in abrasive environments. Titanium carbide columns are cast within proprietary alloys for added strength and durability.

MGS Casting proprietary alloys and innovative designs result in long wear life compared to other OEM replacements. Titanium Carbide (TiC) options are available for even longer wear life. Custom designed to suit your needs, MGS Casting Jaw Plates and Cheek Plates are engineered to suit the specific needs of your application.



  • Increased Wear Life – MGS Casting’s unique TiC insert jaw plates design features a strengthened high-wear zone for maximum usable wear life and reduced breakage.
  • Strengthens as It Works – Jaw plates body is cast in durable manganese steel (Mn18Cr2) that gets harder the longer you work it.
  • Consistent Wear – More consistent wear profile for uniform product output and increased efficiency.
  • Titanium Carbides – TiC inserts currently available are 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 80mm depths.
  • Fewer Change-Outs – Greater durability and longer wear life means fewer change outs, more up-time, and lower maintenance costs
TIC Insert Jaw Plate
TIC Insert Jaw Crusher Liners

Jaw Plate Wear Life Increase from 3.5 to 30 Days

MGS Casting supplies mine with Titanium Carbide jaw crusher wear parts to combat extremely hard and abrasive material.


Our Nicaragua customer, who has a  C125 jaw crusher. Its jaw crusher parts from the local agency, its fixed jaw plate have 7 days working life and movable jaw plate have 14 days working life.


When the application changed to underground only, the increased hardness and abrasiveness of the material found underground reduced the wear life of the original parts. Our customer wants to increase the output, so need the jaw crusher wear parts to have a longer time.


MGS Casting custom-designed a set of TIC insert jaw plates which featured titanium carbide (TiC)inserts in the high wear areas of the manganese alloy jaws. This design improvement increased the wear life, the tic inserts fixed jaw plate span life increase to 15 days and the tic insert movable jaw plate span life increase to 90 days.


This dramatic improvement of over 8.57 times the wear life of the original manganese jaws was met with extreme satisfaction. The engineers at our customer expressed confidence in the movable jaw and do not feel the need to test its wear life as they “expect exceptional functioning knowing the performance of the fixed jaw”.