Premium Replacement Hammer Crusher Parts

When it comes to Replacement Hammer Crusher Parts, MGS Casting has been crushing the market for decades. Hammer crusher is a ring granulator type crusher consists of end disc, rotor shaft, rotor arm, suspended bar, spacer, bearing, linear, screen plate, etc.. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed, and warranted replacement parts for your hammer crusher, MGS Casting is your the best choice!

  • Common alias: high chrome hammer, high manganese steel hammer, hard alloy steel hammer, counterattack broken hammer, double liquid bimetal composite hammer, TIC insert crusher hammer
  • Main material: high manganese steel, manganese chromium alloy, high chromium (Cr13, Cr20, Cr23, Cr26, Cr28, etc.), carbide
  • Casting process: V method, lost foam, water glass sand casting


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Hammer Crusher Parts

Materials For Cone Crusher Liners

Hammer crusher is divided into single-stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, sandblasting machine, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher, hammer crusher, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and utilities In the industrial sector, one of the main equipment for crushing limestone, coal or other brittle materials with medium hardness and below, is characterized by large crushing ratio, high production capacity, and even product size.
We can provide various types of hammer crusher wear parts, such as hammer crusher, ring hammer broke the machine, counterattack broken hammer, counterattack liner, grate plate, grate, sieve plate, and other accessories, you can According to customer drawings to create different materials products. Various models of Hubei Jinyang stone hammer broken parts, wear resistance, long life, large manufacturers trustworthy!
High manganese steel hammer
High manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel casting (Mn13, Mn13Cr2, Mn18, Mn18Cr2), combined with advanced production technology production of high manganese steel hammer, high manganese steel hammer, high manganese steel alloy hammer to adapt to hammer crushing Machine different service conditions, so that crusher hammer to achieve the best performance, suitable for crushing pebbles, gangue, limestone, and other materials are broken, as many types of cement, sand enterprises hammer preferred.
Bimetal composite hammerhead
The use of advanced contemporary composite casting process, the hammer with the best wear resistance of high-chromium cast iron, hammer handle with the toughest wear-resistant alloy steel, set toughness and wear resistance as a whole, so that the product is both wear-resistant and not Fracture is the perfect combination of steel and iron so that the product has good wear resistance, impact resistance, safety and reliability, and other comprehensive performance
High chrome alloy hammer
High-chromium composite cast material, compared with the ordinary high manganese steel hammer, with high hardness, high wear resistance characteristics of sand making machine hammer high hardness martensite matrix, strong support carbide particles , To avoid the work of carbide from the wear surface off, to ensure the high wear resistance of the material.
Inlaid carbide hammer
Also known as Daikin tooth wear hammer, the production of tungsten-titanium alloy hammer, the use of special techniques, the alloy hammerhead face cast-in carbide rod, alloy block, etc. casting process Into, both a high anti-wear effect, there are reliable safety performance. Effectively solve the contradiction between hardness and toughness, so that it can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh working conditions.
Ring crusher ring hammer
Ring hammer crusher is designed for thermal power plant coal handling system designed series of broken coal machinery, crusher ring hammer is divided into ring hammer crusher tooth hammer, hammer ring crusher ring, Jinyang A new type of modified high manganese ring hammer has been developed by optimizing the material composition, designing a reasonable casting process and strengthening the heat treatment process. The wear resistance and the comprehensive mechanical properties of the ring hammer have achieved good wear resistance.
Crusher sieve plate
Crusher sieve, also known as crusher leak plate, crusher grate plate, crusher floor, etc., the common crusher sieve plate has a rectangular, square, circular, narrow pore, rectangular, flower plate and other holes Type, high manganese steel, high-chromium steel, wear-resistant alloy and other materials.


Based on data and comments provided by our customers worldwide, MGS Casting offers the following benefits in many crushing applications:

  • High quality and longer wear life
  • Lower cost per ton of material crushed
  • Savings in labor, backing material, and downtime
  • Long-lasting manganese steel and durable parts increase crusher uptime
  • Thousands of cone crusher liners patterns can be used
  • New design TIC insert alloy steel improve its span life, which around 2-3 times than original parts
  • The strictly quality control system by ISO9001:2008 system


Manganese Crusher Hammer

Manganese Crusher Hammer

Cone Crusher Wear Parts Patterns

Hammer Crusher Parts Pattern

Alloy Crusher Hammer

Alloy Crusher Hammer

Chrome Steel Crusher Hammer

Chrome Steel Crusher Hammer

No matter which brands of hammer crusher wear parts you want, no matter which cavity of cone crusher you use, no matter which material you want to use, MGS Casting’s engineers waiting for service for you.

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