TIC Insert Hammer

When it comes to Replacement TIC insert hammer, MGS Casting has been crushing the market for decades. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed and warranted replacement parts for your hammer mill. This new type high manganese steel crusher hammer with tic cermet rod is a good substitute for high chromium cast iron complex crusher hammer. It solves the problem of easy to be broken with high hardness in high chromium crusher hammer, furthermore, the wear life could be increased -up to 3 times, delivering fewer change-outs, more uptime, and lower maintenance costs.


  • Made to exceed OEM standards.
  • Efficient cast design is superior vs. other other hammers prone to deforming and cracking.
  • Stronger alloys = longer wear life and fewer part change outs

Study Case

40 mm TiC Hammers Last 2.5 Times Longer Than normal hammers

MGS Casting’s innovative titanium carbide hammer inserts result in less frequent hammer replacements and significant cost savings.


40 mm TiC hammers


Cement Mill Hammer


Improve wear life and avoid costly shutdowns of the kiln due to part replacement.


Replace the manganese hammers with 40mm TiC hammers.


MGS Casting’s 40mm TiC hammers outperformed the previous parts by more than
2.5 times.

TIC Insert Hammer
TIC Insert Hammer Plate