Grates for shredding metal, wood, and municipal waste, as well as custom engineered options

Shredder Grates

MGS Casting offers a complete line of custom designed castings for all automobile and scrap metal shredders. MGS Casting castings are developed from a proprietary chemistry (30CrNiMo)and designed to maximize abrasion resistance and wear life. Engineered in-house and manufactured off-shore at our exclusive foundries allows us to leverage our purchasing volume and offer competitive pricing.

We work closely with customers to make grates specifically for their needs:

  • Single beam and double beam designs available for most shredders
  • Uniform holes for consistent density as the grates wear
  • Specialty lead-in, end, walk-across, solid, and half grates available
  • Double beam grates designed for strength to resist bowing and maintain effective shredding
  • End relief feature on double beam grates for easy install and removal
  • Double beam grates with staggered or inline hole patterns to maximize density and throughput
  • Specialty options available such as raised wear sections or ripper lugs