MGS Casting’s Hammer for improved shredder wear life and productivity

Shredder Hammer

As replacement wear parts specialists, we have developed 30CrNiMo alloys and manufacturing techniques that really pay off in demanding applications such as scrap metal and solid waste shredding.

Whether you need which type of hammers cast MGS Castings can provide it. We carry a wide variety of hammers and styles for shredding steel, aluminum, wood, and rock.

All MGS Castings wear hammers are cast in an ISO 9001 foundry from virgin materials and strict attention to detail. The result is a long-wearing, durable hammer that delivers more tons between grate changes and less casting-related downtime.

The 30CrNiMo alloy is harder in key areas to help maintain the original shape of the hammer and the hammer pins, resulting in a longer hammer life.

Our 30CrNiMo alloy hammer is more forgiving in the right spots – offering the hardness of the alloy and better tolerance against others. They undergo a special heat treatment that makes them gentle on the hammer pins but hard on scrap. Compared to a manganese hammer for the same shredder, our alloy hammer is lighter in weight. This is possible by reducing excess material during the production process.

Our alloy hammer requires less frequent maintenance intervals and delivers a lower cost-per-ton at the end of the life cycle.