Premium Replacement Shanbao Jaw Crusher Parts

When it comes to Shanbao jaw crusher parts,Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co,;Ltd provides shanbao jaw crusher parts with different types. The fixed jaw plate, swing jaw plate and guard plate at both sides are made of wear-resistant high manganese steel with good wear resistance. It adopts optimized moving path design so as to reduce excessive wearing on material and toothed plate and increase service life of wear-resistant parts.

MGS Casting Manufactures Replacement Shanbao Jaw Crusher Parts For:

  • PV710•PV912
  • PE150×250•PE250×400•PE250×750
  • PE500×750•PE600×900•PE750×1060
  • PE900×1200•PE1000×1200•PE1200×1500
  • PEX150×750•PEX250×1000•PEX250×1200•PEX300×1300

Shanbao Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co,;Ltd have had manufactured below jaw crusher wear parts(fixed jaw plate,movable jaw plate and liner plate) for shanbao jaw crushers:

Crusher TypeDescriptionPart NumberWeight
PE150*250Jaw plateK3101-325.00
PE150*250Jaw plateK3101-225.20
PE250*400Jaw plateK3124-3290.00
PE250*400Jaw plateK3124-29114.00
PE400*600Jaw plateK3103.2216.00
PE400*600Jaw plateK3103.3A229.00
PE600*750Jaw plateK3204-1466.00
PE600*750Jaw plateK3204-2510.00
PE600*900Jaw plateK3126-01-06D/E735.00
PE600*900Jaw plateK3126-02-20D/E800.00
PE750*1060Jaw plateK3206-3B1500.00
PE750*1060Jaw plateK3206-20B1500.00
PE900*1200Jaw plateK3105.1-8723.00
PE900*1200Jaw plateK3105-2-18682.00
PE900*1200Jaw plateK3105-2-19394.00
PEX150*750Jaw plateK31X02-2100.00
PEX150*750Jaw plateK31X02-3115.00
PEX250*750Jaw plateK31X08-5190.00
PEX250*750Jaw plateK31X08-1210.00
PEX250*1000Jaw plateK31X04-3312.00
PEX250*1000Jaw plateK31X04-2A350.00
PEX250*1200Jaw plateK31X06-3374.00
PEX250*1200Jaw plateK31X06-2426.00
PEX300*1300Jaw plateK31X10-2475.00
PEX300*1300Jaw plateK31X10-4500.00