Premium Replacement Sandvik Jaw Crusher Parts

Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co.;Ltd holds large stocks of replacement crusher spare parts and wear parts to suit the ‘UJ’ Heavy Range, ‘CJ’ Stationary Range, ‘JM’ Jawmaster® and ‘R’ range of jaw crushers manufactured by Sandvik™ and previously Svedala.

We offer quick optimization of any crushing process by using new materials than any other crusher manufacturer. We have multiple alloys to choose from, each with properties meeting your specific needs, for instance increased impact and shock resistance or high resistance to abrasive rocks.

All sandvik jaw plates are casted  in 14%, 18% and 22% grades of manganese with a chrome content of 2-3%. All the most popular profiles for these jaws are supported, including coarse corrugated, wide tooth, heavy duty.

When you need replacement crushing and wear parts for your Sandvik jaw crushing machine, you can rely on from us. Chances are, if you need a replacement crushing product we either have it in stock or are able to manufacture it per your specifications. You can count on our engineers, who are experienced in the aggregate field, to ensure that the replacement parts for Sandvik jaw crushing machines that you order from us will be of the best quality and made to fit perfectly.

MGS Casting Manufactures Replacement Sandvik Jaw Crusher Parts For:

Sandvik™ JM|CJ Series

  • JM806™  •  JM907™  •  JM1107™  •  JM1108™
  • JM1208™ • JM1211™  •  JM1312™  • JM1513™
  • CJ411™  •  CJ412™  •  CJ612™  •  CJ613™
  • CJ615™  •  CJ815™

Sandvik™ UJ|CM Series

  • UJ310™  • UJ440I™  •  UJ440E™  • UJ540™ •UJ640™
  • CM1208I™  •  CM1208F™  •  CM1211™  •  CM1511™
  • R10580

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co,;Ltd have had manufactured below jaw crusher wear parts(fixed jaw plate,movable jaw plate and liner plate) for sandvik jaw crushers:

Crusher TypePart NumberTypeChamberMaterialUnit Weight
JM806400.0474-001Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM1666
JM806400.0474-002Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM2666
JM80610.314.627.000Cheek PlateUpperM174
JM80610.314.628.000Cheek PlateLowerM177
JM907400.0483-001Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM1929
JM907400.0483-002Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM2929
JM90710.314.386.000Cheek PlateUpperM1132
JM90710.314.404.000Cheek PlateLowerM1130
JM1107400.1101-001Jaw platestationaryM11105
JM1107400.1101-002Jaw platestationaryM21105
JM1107400.1102-001Jaw plateswingM11083
JM1107400.1102-002Jaw plateswingM21083
JM1107400.0738-001Jaw plateswingM1968
JM1107400.0738-002Jaw plateswingM2968
JM1107400.0739-001Jaw platestationaryM1993
JM1107400.0739-002Jaw platestationaryM2993
JM1107400.2207-001Jaw plateswingM11083
JM1107400.2207-002Jaw plateswingM21083
JM1108400.0436-001Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM11401
JM1108400.0436-002Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM21401
JM110810.314.262.000Cheek PlateUpperM1212
JM110810.314.263.000Cheek PlateLowerM1181
JM1206400.0484-001Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM11172
JM1206400.0484-002Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM21172
JM1208400.0411-001Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM11557
JM1208400.0411-002Wide Teech, WT(Z)STM21557
JM1208400.0412-001Heavy Duty(HD)SWM11685
JM1208400.0412-002Heavy Duty(HD)SWM21685
JM1208400.0413-001Heavy Duty(HD)STM12018
JM1208400.0413-002Heavy Duty(HD)STM22018
1107RJ400.0639-001Cheek PlateM1223
JM1211400.0440-001Wide Wave(WW),ESTM11261
JM1211400.0440-002Wide Wave(WW),ESTM21261
JM1211400.0438-001Wide Wave(WW),ESWM1993
JM1211400.0438-002Wide Wave(WW),ESWM2993
JM1211402.4239-01Cheek PlateUpperM1437
JM1211402.4635-01Cheek PlateLowerM1230
JM1513402.4361-01Cheek PlateUpperM1760
JM1513402.4622-01Cheek PlateLowerM1330
JM1312400.0963-001Sharp Toothed(ST)STM13950
JM1312400.0963-002Sharp Toothed(ST)STM23950
JM1312400.0964-001Sharp Toothed(ST)SWM13988
JM1312400.0964-002Sharp Toothed(ST)SWM23988
JM131210.214.351.000Cheek PlateUpperM1355
JM131210.214.352.000Cheek PlateLowerM1368
JM1511400.0490-001Sharp Toothed(ST)STM13732
JM1511400.0490-002Sharp Toothed(ST)STM23732
JM1511400.0491-001Sharp Toothed(ST)SWM14055
JM1511400.0491-002Sharp Toothed(ST)SWM24055
JM1513400.0779-001Sharp Toothed(ST)STM15114
JM1513400.0779-002Sharp Toothed(ST)STM25114
JM1513400.0780-001Sharp Toothed(ST)SWM14998
JM1513400.0780-002Sharp Toothed(ST)SWM24998
400.0423Jaw plateM1871
400.0426Jaw plateM11359


Sandvik brand names, model names or marks are owned by Sandvik Mineral. MGS Casting has no affiliation with the OEM. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by the OEM. All parts are manufactured by, for and warranted by MGS Casting and are not manufactured by, purchased from or warranted by the OEM.