Minyu Crusher Jaw Plates

MGS Casting Replacement Parts for Minyu Jaw Crusher

MGS Casting is one of the largest manganese Minyu jaw crusher parts supplier in China. MGS Casting followed along to meet the new demands for replacement parts for these modern crushing units. MGS Casting carries the premium replacement parts for your unit. In most cases, we have the part on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. In some cases, MGS Casting has even improved the conventional design of the original Minyu replacement parts to enhance durability and performance. Whether you need to replace the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate or liner plate…MGS Casting has your Minyu jaw crusher parts needs to be covered.

MGS Casting is Your SuperStore for Minyu Jaw Crusher Parts! All MGS Casting Replacement Parts are backed by SGS and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your demand for Minyu crusher spares in a professional and efficient manner. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, to check inventory or to simply answer a technical question. Talk to your MGS Casting professional today about your specific needs!


MGS Casting Pattern Lists For Minyu Crusher Jaw Plates

DescriptionPart NumberWeightMaterial
fix jaw plateM1C12121AI471ZGMn18Cr2
swing jaw plateM1C14031AI365ZGMn18Cr2
swing jaw plateM1CI4031A736ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plateM1CL2121A976ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM1CL4031A819ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plateM1CX2121B604ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM1CX4031A551ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM1J22041181007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J22061104007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J41131423007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J41151423007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J42041305007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J42061134007-1/mn13cr2
check plateM1J61131392007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J61151392007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1J62041340ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM1J62061150007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JB204150007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JB206124007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JC113152007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JC115152007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JL113194007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JL115194007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JL206134007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM1JM1131109007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JM1151109007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plateM1JM1181A475ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM1JM204177007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JM206136007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plateM1JN1181550ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM1JN2071550ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM1JP1151189007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JP2041134007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JP206168007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JQ1131325007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JQ1151325007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JQ2041232007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JQ2061110007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JT113B200007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JT115A443007-1/mn13cr2
check plateM1JT115B200007-1mn13cr2
check plateM1JT2041313007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plateM7CH4031A684ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plateM7CX2121M540ZGMn18Cr2
swing jaw plateM7CX4031A482ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM7HB512110007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plateM7J211811148ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plateM7J21181A1265.96ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plateM7J21181AI1371007-2
jaw plateM7J220711216007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plateM7J22071A1338.67ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plateM7J22071AI1382007-2
fix jaw plateM7J41181A1593ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM7J420114730007-6
jaw plateM7J42071A1549007-1mn13cr2
check plateM7J61131392007-1/mn13cr2
check plateM7J61151392007-1/mn13cr2
fix jaw plateM7J61181A1799.5ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM7J620115248007-6
jaw plateM7J62071A1757007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JB1181231007-1mn13cr2
check plateM7JB204150007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JB2071249007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plateM7JE1181A365ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM7JE2071A391ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM7JL113194007-1/mn13cr2
check plateM7JL115194007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JL1181A320007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JL2071A351007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JM1181A475007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JM2071A488007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JN1181B582007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JN2071B599007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JP1181A807007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plateM7JP2071A843ZGMn13Cr2
check plateM7JQ1131325007-1/mn13cr2
check plateM7JQ1151325007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JQ1181A1382007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plateM7JQ1181B1448.97ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plateM7JQ20113839.6007-6
check plateM7JQ2041232ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plateM7JQ2071A1392007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plateM7JQ2071B1502.67ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plateM7JT1181A1390007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plateM7JT20116998007-6
jaw plateM7JT20711100007-1mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JU11811714007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plateM7JU20711399007-1/mn13cr2
check plateMIJP2041134007-1mn13cr2
check plateMIJQ2061110007-1



Minyu is a mark of Minyu or its affiliates. MGS Casting is not an authorized repair facility nor does it have an affiliation with Minyu. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by Minyu of MGS Casting. All parts are manufactured by, for and warranted by MGS Casting and are not manufactured by, purchased from or warranted by the original equipment manufacturer.