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As a whole, two situations of anxiety are identified at the blow bars: edge impact and also central impact. Favorable power conditions for squashing are accomplished with central impact if the particle can permeate with its center of gravity into the orbit of the blow bar. The section of rim effects is greater than for main influences. The effect is a strong rounding of the blow bar edge. A renovation of the main impact can be achieved by an expansion of blow bar elevation as well as rotor rate adapted to the conditions. Rotor speed plays an essential role in the crushing effect yet in various another way on the wear of the strike bars. In fact, raising the speed to enhance the kinetic energy distributed to the product, then we develop more surface areas able to wear the impact bars. The red bloc presents 6 faces. Currently taking into consideration boosting the rotor rate would enhance the kinetic power to break the red block right into the two eco-friendly blocks. We conveniently see that compared to the red blocks we have created two new faces, each equal to on the face of the red block. If the speed was also higher to make sure that the red block burglarizes the three yellows obstructs, we can see that we would have created 4 new faces, each equivalent to on the face of the red block. Each new face is a new chance to boost the blow bar wear. To make sure that we can distinctly link the rate with the wear. The relationship between rate as well as wear can be summarized by the complying with formula:
L = K * W2
Where L stands for the blow bar wear, K represents the certain wear variable and W represents the blades rate. It shows up that the wear doesn’t rise proportionally with the speed, it is a function of the square of the speed. We have after that to think about the life length in hours of the blow bar relying on abrasivity of the product.
A few other criteria like modification setup can have an influence on the wear. It appears that a smaller squashing chamber (little setting) contributes to less endure the impact bars than a larger one. The reason is thought to be in the much shorter trajectories of the fragments while doing so area, which adds to an improvement of the discharge habits of rock fragments from the impact chamber.
The inclination of the blow bar to 15 ° in direction of turning of rotor offers a lower wear than an inclination of 15 ° in contrary instructions of blades turning. This is due to gliding result of product on the blow bars. But this can be disregarded compared with the rate effect and product result. When the impact bars are brand-new and also existing an aircraft surface and a sharp side, the impact is more violent, the energy takes off the rocks in numerous items. When the strike bars are put on as well as rounded, the rocks are just scuffed by the blow bar edges. They are less fragmented and the energy of the impact is lower.


Metso Crusher Blow Bars Details

Model Number: NP1007,NP1213,NP1315,NP1520

 LT1007, LT1213, LT1315, LT1520

Product Name:Blow Bar
Material:High Chrome, Manganese Steel, TIC insert Alloy SteelProcessing Type:Casting
Use:Mining, Quarry, Mining, RecyclingApplication:Impact Bar For Mining, Quarry And Recycling
Advantage:Wear ResistantColor:Red Or Painted As Requested
Suitable For:NP1007,NP1213,NP1315,NP1520

 LT1007, LT1213, LT1315, LT1520

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