Premium Replacement Minyu Jaw Crusher Parts

Minyu Machinery Corp is the leading Taiwanese Manufacturer of rock crushing and screening equipment.Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  uses resin sand casting to manufacture the manganese steel parts for Minyu jaw crusher. The material is Mn18Cr2,Mn22Cr2 and Mn14Cr2. Our manganese steel parts follow a strict process flow, including casting, heat treatment and machining. So we can supply the long working life manganese steel jaw crusher’s liner.

MGS Casting Manufactures Replacement Minyu Jaw Crusher Parts For:

  • MS-2416•MS-3020•MS-3624•MS-4226•MS-4230•MS-4832
  • MS-4840•MS-5432•MS-6040•MS-6048
  • MSH3624•MSH4230•MSH5434

Minyu Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co,;Ltd have had manufactured below wear parts(fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, side plate, toggle plate,cheek plate and other casting parts)for minyu jaw crushers.

Description Parts No. Weight Material
fix jaw plate M1C12121AI 471 ZGMn18Cr2
swing jaw plate M1C14031AI 365 ZGMn18Cr2
Liner M1C55121 42 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1C57031 20 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1CA5121 5.1 007-1mn13cr2
others M1CD5121A 24.5 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1CH7031 19 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M1CI4031A 736 ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plate M1CL2121A 976 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M1CL4031A 819 ZGMn13Cr2
others M1CP7031 16 007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M1CX2121B 604 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M1CX4031A 551 ZGMn13Cr2
others M1CX5121A 23 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1CX7031 13.5 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1E17031 9 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1ID4021 28 007-1mn13cr2
Liner M1ID4031 14 007-1mn13cr2
Liner M1J21131 209 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1J21151 209 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M1J22041 181 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J22061 104 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J41131 423 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J41151 423 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J42041 305 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J42061 134 007-1/mn13cr2
check plate M1J61131 392 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J61151 392 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1J62041 340 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M1J62061 150 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JB2041 50 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JB2061 24 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JC1131 52 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JC1151 52 007-1mn13cr2
Liner M1JE1131 66 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1JE1151 66 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M1JL1131 94 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JL1151 94 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JL2061 34 007-1mn13cr2
jaw plate M1JM1131 109 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JM1151 109 007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M1JM1181A 475 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M1JM2041 77 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JM2061 36 007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M1JN1181 550 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M1JN2071 550 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M1JP1131 192 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M1JP1151 189 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JP2041 134 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JP2061 68 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JQ1131 325 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JQ1151 325 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JQ2041 232 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JQ2061 110 007-1mn13cr2
Liner M1JT113A 443 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M1JT113B 200 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JT115A 443 007-1/mn13cr2
check plate M1JT115B 200 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M1JT2041 313 007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plate M7CH4031A 684 ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plate M7CX2121M 540 ZGMn18Cr2
swing jaw plate M7CX4031A 482 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M7HB5121 10 007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M7J21181 1148 ZGMn13Cr2
fix jaw plate M7J21181A 1265.96 ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plate M7J21181AI 1371 007-2
jaw plate M7J22071 1216 007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plate M7J22071A 1338.67 ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plate M7J22071AI 1382 007-2
fix jaw plate M7J41181A 1593 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M7J42011 4730 007-6/碳钢
jaw plate M7J42071A 1549 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M7J61131 392 007-1/mn13cr2
check plate M7J61151 392 007-1/mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M7J61181A 1799.5 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M7J62011 5248 007-6
jaw plate M7J62071A 1757 007-1mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JB1181 231 007-1mn13cr2
check plate M7JB2041 50 007-1mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JB2071 249 007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M7JE1181A 365 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M7JE2071A 391 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M7JL1131 94 007-1/mn13cr2
check plate M7JL1151 94 007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JL1181A 320 007-1mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JL2071A 351 007-1mn13cr2
Liner M7JM1131 109 ZGMn13Cr2
Liner M7JM1151 109 ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plate M7JM1181A 475 007-1mn13cr2
others M7JM2061 36 007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JM2071A 488 007-1mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JN1181B 582 007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JN2071B 599 007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JP1181A 807 007-1mn13cr2
others M7JP2061 68 007-1/mn13cr2
swing jaw plate M7JP2071A 843 ZGMn13Cr2
check plate M7JQ1131 325 007-1/mn13cr2
check plate M7JQ1151 325 007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JQ1181A 1382 007-1mn13cr2
fix jaw plate M7JQ1181B 1448.97 ZGMn13Cr2
swing jaw plate M7JQ2011 3839.6 007-6
check plate M7JQ2041 232 ZGMn13Cr2
jaw plate M7JQ2071A 1392 007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plate M7JQ2071B 1502.67 ZGMn13Cr2
others M7JT1021 431.2 007-6
others M7JT1091 303.7 007-6
jaw plate M7JT1181A 1390 007-1mn13cr2
swing jaw plate M7JT2011 6998 007-6/碳钢
jaw plate M7JT2071 1100 007-1mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JU1181 1714 007-1/mn13cr2
jaw plate M7JU2071 1399 007-1/mn13cr2
check plate MIJP2041 134 007-1mn13cr2
check plate MIJQ2061 110 007-1