Premium Replacement Minyu Cone Crusher Parts

For the most efficient and economical production, a wide range of Minyu Cone Crusher models is available for you to choose from. Minyu Cone Crushers are proven to be one of the most well balanced cone crushers in the world. Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co.;Ltd has specialized in manufacturing minyu cone crusher wear parts.

Manganese Steel Wear Parts

Usually, a cone crusher is installed in a crushing circuit as a secondary crusher. Pre-crushed material fed in via the top of the cone crusher flows over the mantle while the vertical cone crusher drive shaft rotates the mantle. The mantle performs eccentric movements under the concave (also called bowl liner), so squeezing & crushing the material between the cone crusher mantle and concave.Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co.;Ltd has had manufactured large number of cone liners and bowl liners for Minyu cone crusher.

Description Part Number Weight Material
concave M7C12121A 417 007-1/mn13cr2
concave M7C14031A 310 007-1
concave M7C52111A 1382 mn13cr2/007-1
concave M7C52121A 1226 mn13cr2/007-1
concave M7C54031A 906 mn13cr2/007-1
concave M7C82111A 1382 007-1
concave M7CL2111A 1212 007-1
concave M7CL2121A 920 007-1
concave M7CL2121AI 920 007-2
concave M7CL4031A 756 007-1
concave M7CL4031AI 756 007-2
concave M7CP2111A 1958 007-1/mn13cr2
concave M7CP2121A 1469 ZGMn13Cr2
concave M7CP4031B 1366 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7CX4031AI 508 007-2/MN18CR2
concave M7HB2111 442 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HB2121 436 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HB4031 246 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HC2111A 1093 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HC2121E 1225 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HC2401 1318 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HC4031 676 007-1
concave M7HC4201 720 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HD2111A 732 007-1
concave M7HD2111AI 907 007-2MN18CR2
concave M7HD2121 629 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HD2121B 814 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HD2121BI 814 007-2
concave M7HD2401 932 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HD4031A 389 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HD4031AI 389 007-2MN18CR2
concave M7HD4201 438 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HE4031 365 007-1
concave M7HL2111B 1765 007-1
concave M7HL2121E 1664.6 007-1/MN13CR2
concave M7HL2401 1842 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HL4031C 1016 007-1mn13cr2
concave M7HL4201 1112 007-1mn13cr2


MGS Casting Manufactures Replacement Minyu Cone Crusher Parts For:

  • MSP Series
  • HN Series
  • MCC Series