Premium Replacement Metso Jaw Crusher Parts

When it comes to Metso jaw crusher parts,Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co,;Ltd’s jaw wear liners are designed and manufactured to crush efficiently all rock types in the most demanding applications and to recycle materials.Our jaw crusher manganese wear parts provide the highest possible wear life combined with mechanical reliability and numerous mounting possibilities.Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our offering of replacement jaw crusher parts of most any origin has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of aggregate and mining operations around the world.

MGS Casting Manufactures Replacement Metso Jaw Crusher Parts For:

  • C Series: C80™ • C96™ • C100™• C106™ • C116™ • C120™• C130™•C150™ • C160™ • C200™
  • LT Series: LT80™  • LT96™  • LT100™ •  LT106™  • LT116™ • LT120™ • LT130™ •  LT150™ • LT160™

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts

Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co,;Ltd have had manufactured below jaw crusher wear parts(fixed jaw plate,movable jaw plate and liner plate):

Part Number Descrption Machine Type Weight Material
N11921411 JAW PLATE,FIXED C80 589.39 XT710
N11921412 JAW PLATE,MOVING C80 454.45 XT710
814320037300 JAW PLATE,FIXED C100 1403.55 XT710
814320037400 JAW PLATE,MOVING C100 1050.00 XT710
814390435100 JAW PLATE,FIXED C110 950.00 XT710
814390435200 JAW PLATE,MOVING C110 865.00 XT710
N11954343 JAW PLATE,FIXED C125 2550.00 XT710
N11954353 JAW PLATE,MOVING C125 2355.21 XT710
MM0344392 JAW,MOVABLE SMD109 520.00 XT710
MM0344393 JAW SMD109 483.00 XT710
MM0344395 JAW SMD109 554.00 XT710
MM0344396 JAW SMD109 483.00 XT710
N11928919 JAW PLATE,MOVING C105 1108.85 XT610
N11928918 JAW PLATE,FIXED C105 1440.36 XT610
814329274900 JAW PLATE,MOVING C160 1767.71 XT710
814329275000 JAW PLATE,FIXED C160 2227.10 XT710
814328598800 JAW PLATE,MOVING C140 1362.41 XT710
814328598900 JAW PLATE,FIXED C140 1521.30 XT710
814328501200 JAW PLATE,FIXED C125 1150.00 XT710
814328561400 JAW PLATE,MOVING C125 920.00 XT710
N11948451 JAW PLATE,FIXED C96 825.12 XT610
1046590671 JAW,MOVABLE C145 3429.00  XT710
1046590672 JAW,FIXED C145 3900.00  XT710
814390305300 JAW PLATE,FIXED C80 560.00 XT710
814390305400 JAW PLATE,MOVING C80 505.00 XT710
N11918387 JAW PLATE,MOVING C80R 524.00 XT710
814331247000 JAW PLATE,FIXED C80B 670.00 XT710
814331246900 JAW PLATE,MOVING C80B 680.00 XT710
MM0260417 JAW PLATE,FIXED C96 824.55 XT610
814320042100 JAW PLATE,FIXED C100 1450.00 XT710
814320042200 JAW PLATE,MOVING C100 1290.00 XT710
MM0273923 JAW PLATE,FIXED C106 1108.34 XT610
MM0273925 JAW PLATE,FIXED C106 1249.12 XT710
MM0273926 JAW PLATE,MOVING C106 1184.03 XT710
814329539700 JAW PLATE,FIXED C110 960.00 XT710
814329539800 JAW PLATE,FIXED C110 920.00 XT710
814320042700 JAW PLATE,MOVING C125 1250.00 XT710
N11917389 JAW PLATE,FIXED C200 4128.46 XT710
MM0208851 JAW PLATE,MOVING C96 757.26 XT610
MM0215712 JAW PLATE,FIXED C96 885.00 XT710
814391359800 JAW PLATE,FIXED C105 1465.00 XT710
814391312500 JAW PLATE,FIXED C110 2193.21 XT710
MM0218047 JAW PLATE,FIXED C140 3023.54 XT710
MM0218048 JAW PLATE,MOVING C140 2747.39 XT710
814390844600 JAW PLATE,FIXED C160 2629.40 XT710
N11948449 JAW PLATE, FIXED C96 867.82 XT610
N11934485 JAW PLATE, MOVING C96 659.52 XT610
N11948450 JAW PLATE, FIXED C96 1017.91 XT710
N11942233 JAW PLATE, MOVING C96 780.53 XT710
N11944860 JAW PLATE, MOVING C96 812.48 XT610
N11952743 JAW PLATE, FIXED C3054 1784.63 XT710
MM0236248 JAW PLATE, MOVING C96 900.00 XT710
MM0274302 JAW PLATE, STD CURVED C116 1366.76 XT610
N11918386 JAW PLATE, FIXED C80R 536.00 XT710
814391378000 JAW PLATE, MOVING C105 1142.00 XT710
MM0249087 JAW PLATE, MOVING C106 1036.58 XT710
MM0224995 JAW, MOVABLE, SINGLE C110 1581.79 XT710
N11918208 JAW PLATE, MOVING C110 1866.43 XT710
MM0274303 JAW PLATE, STD STRAIGHT C116 1296.85 XT610
814329291500 JAW PLATE, MOVING C160 2181.97 XT710
N11917390 JAW PLATE, MOVING C200 3484.17 XT710
N11952744 JAW PLATE, MOVING C3054 1940.00 XT710
MM0232802 JAW PLATE, FIXED C3054 1568.37 XT710
814390552600 JAW PLATE, FIXED C145 1956.00 XT710
814390552700 JAW PLATE, MOVING C145 1491.00 XT710
MM0376613 JAW PLATE, MOVING C96 812.48 XT710
MM0376618 JAW PLATE, FIXED C96 823.63 XT710
MM0376620 JAW PLATE, MOVING C96 659.52 XT710
MM0376621 JAW PLATE, FIXED C96 867.82 XT710
1046590663 Jaw C125 2000.00 XT710
814346590642 Jaw Plate 1200.00 XT710
814346590643 Jaw 940.00 XT710
MM0589530 JAW MVBL QUARRY [email protected] C120 924.79 XT710
814329297700 JAW PLATE C63 340 XT710
814329297800 JAW, MOVABLE C63 310 XT710
814391664200 JAW PLATE FIXED C3055 1700 XT710
814391664300 MOVABLE JAW C3055 1770 XT710