Premium Replacement Kleemann Impact Crusher Parts

Kleemann mobile impact crushers have been developed for crushing and recycling materials and natural stone. Kleemann impact crushers are famous for high efficiency and reliable quality. Nanjing Manganese Manufacturing Co.;Ltd offers qualified wear parts for Kleemann mobile impact crushers. Some Kleemann spare parts, such as the Kleemann 130 EVO blow bar (Hammer) are in stock.

Geometry Of Kleemann Blow Bars

  • X-shape.The X-shape blow bars are fitted in the MR100,MR122 and MR150. They are pushed into the rotor from the side and affixed horizontally by this.In contrast to the other systems,the blow bars rest loosely in the rotor.
  • S-shape. The S-shape blow bars are fitted in the MR 130 V3. The blow bars are connected to the rotor with clamping wedges without any play.
  • C-shape. The blow bars affixing to the rotor is handled here by means of the lug of the blow bar.

Kleemann Blow Bars Machine Type

Machine typeModelSeries
Type of material
ManganeseMartensiticMartensitic + ceramic inserts
MR 100 R, MR 100 ZK012, K0130001 – 9999F10039722F10327412F10408402F200000182446993
MR 110 R EVO, MR 110 Z EVOK016, K0170001 – 9999F20013343F20007840F200110442366368
MR 110 Z EVO 2, MR 110 Zi EVO 2K018, K0190001 – 9999F20013343F20007840F200110442366368
MR 122 ZK0620001 – 9999F10038791F10308431F10356771F200000192414417
MR 130 R, MR 130 R EVOK0230001 – 9999F10343421F10330751F10408421F20001298F20012306
MR 130 Z, MR 130 Z EVOK0240001 – 9999F10343421F10330751F10408421F20001298F20012306
MR 130 Z EVO 2, MR 130 Zi EVO 2K077, K0780001 – 9999F20013344F20010951F200110392366459
MR 150 ZK0630001 – 9999F10214341F10364061F10408391