Metso Jaw Crusher Parts

Jaw Crusher Parts

  • Common Name:Jaw plates, jaws, jaw liners, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, swing jaw plates, rocky crusher jaws, jaw crusher plates
  • Cast Materials:Mn13,Mn13Cr2,Mn18,Mn18Cr2,Mn22Cr2.Tic insert Mn18Cr2
  • Casting Process:V method,Sand casting,LFC Casting
  • Suitable Materials:Pebbles, Granites, Basalt, Iron Ore, Limestone, Quartzite, Diabase, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Copper Ore, etc.
  • Applications: sand and gravel yard, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

Product Details:

Jaw crusher is mainly used for medium-sized crushing of various ores and bulk materials, widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. The highest crushing material is 320MPa. Jaw crusher parts can also be referred to as jaw crusher wear parts, is an important part of the jaw crusher; We can provide various types of jaw crusher wear parts, such as fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, toggle plate, liner plate, but also according to the drawings provided by customers to create different materials products.

High Manganese Jaw Plate

The manganese steel is the common material for casting jaw plate, because it has good toughness and deformation hardening ability. Based on the different content of element, there are Mn13, Mn13Cr2 ,Mn18,Mn18Cr2, Mn22Cr2. Our foundry’s high manganese jaw plate span life 50% longer than others.

Bi-metal Composite Jaw Plate

In view of the working principle of jaw crusher and its practical application status, a double-liquid bimetallic composite casting jaw was developed. The working face is made of alloy steel with high wear resistance. The lining is made of cast steel with good impact toughness, Give full play to the characteristics of various materials. At the same time, the special pouring system and casting process ensure the uniform and complete interface of the composite material and optimize the service performance of the jaw plate.

Tic Insert Jaw Plate

The use of high-manganese steel or super-high manganese steel jaw plate as base material, in their work place composite inlaid carbide, the bi-metal composite wear parts wear surface has excellent wear resistance, non-wear surface with excellent plasticity And impact toughness. Installed by the user to use, consistent reflect the good results.

Our Foundry’s Jaw Plate Fix Following Brands:

Telsmith Jaw Crusher Parts
  • B, C and D’Style – 36×6 | 10×21 | 10×36 | 14×24 | 15×24 | 18×32 | 20×36 | 25×36 | 25×40 | 30×42 | 36×46 | 42×48 | 44×48 | 50×60 | 60×48
Other Jaw Crusher Parts
  • JM® Series – JM806 | JM907 | JM1107 | JM1108 | JM1208 | JM1211 | JM1312 | JM1511 | JM1513
  • CJ® Series – CJ411 | CJ412 | CJ612 | CJ613 | CJ615 | CJ815
  • UJ® Series – UJ310 | UJ440i | UJ440E | UJ540 | UJ640
  • CM Range – CM1208i | CM1208F | CM1211 | CM1511
  • Other Range – QJ330,QJ331
SBM Jaw Crusher Parts
  • PE Series——200×350 | 250×400 | 250×750 | 500×750 |600×900 | 900×1200 | 750×1060 | 1000×1200 | 1200×1500
  • PEW Series——250×1000 | 250×1200 | 400×600 | 760 |860 | 1100
Minyu Jaw Crusher Parts
  • MS® Series——MS2416 | MS3020 |MS3624 | MS4226 |MS4230 | MS4832 | MS4840 | MS5432 | MS6048
  • MSH™ Series——MSH3624 | MSH4230 | MSH5434
Shanbao Jaw Crusher Parts
  • PE Series——PE150X250 | PE250x400 | PE400X600 | PE500x750 |PE600x900  | PE750x1060 | PE1000x1200 | PE1200x1500| PE1500X1800
  • PEX Series——PEX150X750 | PEX250X1000 | PEX250X1200 | PEX300X1300
  • PV  Series——PV710 |PV912

If you need other jaw crusher parts,please send us your inquiry parts’ part number or drawings.


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