High Manganese Bucket Teeth

High Manganese Bucket Teeth

  • Common Name:Bucket teeth,manganese bucket teeth,alloy steel bucket teeth
  • Main Material:High manganese,alloy steel
  • Cast process:V method,Lost Form Cast
  • Suitable Conditions: Crush hard material

Product Details

Excavator bucket tooth is an important part of the excavator, similar to human teeth, but also wearing parts, is composed of a combination of gear teeth and tooth tips, both by the pin connection. Due to tooth wear failure part of the tooth tip, as long as the replacement of tooth tips can be.

At present, the mainstream material used in China is the high manganese steel, which is also an application of the earlier wear-resistant materials, the chemical composition of roughly C: 0.9-1.5%, Mn: 9-15%, Si: 0.3-1.0% , S: <0.04%, P: <0.10%. When the content of manganese in the steel reaches 10-14% and the carbon content is 1.0-1.4%, the teeth of high manganese steel will be very wear-resistant and will not break easily .

High manganese steel as a wear-resistant materials,only under the strong impact pressure, have good wear resistance.

The high hardenability of high manganese steel is also the main reason for the material of the bucket teeth. The high manganese steel teeth will rapidly harden when subjected to a strong impact. The hardness can be increased from 170-225HB to 450-550HB, while the inner remains the same Hardness. In addition, the high impact toughness of high manganese steel is also characterized by other materials do not have.

The advantage of using this material is its wide range of applications, with its advantages of being able to give full play to its advantages under some crushing equipment and conditions that require strong impact.

In addition, if the working conditions of some small impact case will make the tooth surface hardening inadequate is not recommended.